There are no bright eyes watching me attentively.

There are no silly smiles being sent to my direction.

There are no hands looking for a part of my body to touch.

There are no fingers intertwined with mine.

There are no mouths caressing my lips.

There are no kisses that belong to me.

There are no tongues tasting my neck.

There are no teeth gently biting my skin.

There are no bodies on mine.

All I’ve been craving for is a lover to experience all of it without an expiration date.

Someone who chooses to stay and never lose sight of these small things with me.

All I want is to run away with this one and to never be found,

To be feed with nothing but love.

All I wish is to live in a never ending love story.

At the end all I truly need is to stop expecting the stories I read to become my own.

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